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If it involves payment plans, how long your site will take, or marriage proposals you can find it here.

How can I make sure my project a success?
We'll work together to make your project a success. It would really help us out if we had:
  • A good understanding of your business products, competitors, and goals
  • List of performance indicators
  • Information about any pre-existing campaigns that have been completed (tell us how these campaigns, redesigns, etc. succeeded)
  • Information to be able to measure and improve the campaign
I'm ready to hire, but I need to present you to the other people on my team. Where can I start?
Check out our 2010 Booklet, it has a list of services we offer and an introduction to the team. By the way, there are only 2 of us and we're definitely open to working separately on projects.
What really sets you apart from other design firms?

We can't speak for them, but we can speak for us. Our entire business is web design and development. So, we make sure that we monitor industry news, review conference information, listen to pod-casts and are up on all the latest industry trends.

We are constantly sharpening our craft because we know that it will be what sets us apart and puts us in the company of firms we really respect. We take pride in knowing where the web is moving and how we can be a part of it.

How much does it cost?
This depends on the scope of the project. We do not reinvent the wheel. We work on a by task formula that factors in not only time taken, but complexity of task. Explain your project to us by phone or contact info and we can give you a ballpark estimate.
How long will it take to build my site?
Like the cost, this depends on variables. We will write a brief explaining our estimated time on the basis of the survey, unless we've already quoted you a price. That's our price and we stick to it.
When am I expected to pay?
Print projects:
50% deposit / 50% on completion.
Web projects:
30% for deposit / 30% at milestone / 40% on completion of all tasks specified in the contract.
That deposit thing sounds nice, but what I'm looking for is more of a commitment. How much does it cost to retain you?
Retainer? That's our second favorite word. Give us a call so we can discuss the specifics, 503-877-2396.
What are payment options?
We accept credit cards (via Paypal), money orders, checks (from verified and trusted businesses), and cashier's checks.
How long have you guys been doing this?
We have 7 years of experience doing non-compete/non-disclosure web design projects. After years of being paid with no recognition, we decided we wanted to get credit for our work. We formed Work Work Play LLC in August 2007.
Our last project went really well. Will you marry me?
We're already married to our work and to each other. That's as many marriages as this state will allow.
What kind of projects do you frequently take on?
If you have any other questions just ask.
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